Fertilizers and chemicals

AgroMax offers our clients a comprehensive array of organic and non-organic fertilizers, including liquid and granular products for any stage of plant growth. We also stock preventative and curative chemical medications and pesticides.

As with all of our products, our skilled staff helps clients choose the fertilizers and chemicals that are best suited to an individual farm’s needs. Through our Plant Protection Program, AgroMax technicians ensure that clients understand and practice correct fertilizer and chemical application.

For a chemical or fertilizer to work effectively, the user must follow precise dosage recommendations provided by the manufacturer. But correct application can be a challenge for the many farmers who are unable to read or who lack the equipment required for measuring appropriate dosages.

We address these difficulties by verbally explaining chemical handling and use, and pre-measuring application doses, when necessary. All clients that purchase fertilizer or chemicals are also given a document detailing how, when, and in what doses the product should be applied.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we also offer durable, cost-effective knapsack sprayers.