Irrigation Systems

With Agromax drip irrigation system ,you can watch your harvest multiply up to 16 times! We offer a modern selection of sustainable easy to use and affordable irrigation solutions to fit the needs of small scale to large scale farmer.

We will install any of our irrigation products on your farm, regardless of where in Uganda it is located. Your system will also include training and extension services provided by our skilled AgroMax agronomists.

Farmer’s Kit for Small-Scale Farmers

AgroMax offers our Farmer’s Kit to small-scale farmers seeking to irrigate either a quarter of an acre, or a full acre of land. This low-cost option will operate without electricity by using gravity to provide regular hydration to the roots of your crops.  With this system, your plants will grow larger and can be planted more densely, yielding a more fruitful harvest each season.

Moreover, with the AgroMax Farmer’s Kit, you can plant and harvest vegetables year-round, regardless of rainfall. Our small-scale irrigation will benefit your farm in countless ways.

Drip-irrigation uses water and fertilizer efficiently

With one-quarter of an irrigated acre, a farmer can produce as much as she would in two-full acres of non-irrigated land

Farmers can determine when to produce crops to realize best prices in market

Systems are flexible and capable of adapting to various water sources, terrains and crops

Pressurized Irrigation for Large-Scale Farmers

For farmers seeking to irrigate more than two acres of land, AgroMax offers pressurized drip-irrigation systems that are tailor-made for every field we equip. These powerful systems use cutting edge pipeline technology to deliver water to every part of your field, no matter the size. Note that our pressurized irrigation system can operate with any water source that is reliable throughout the year.